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What is it about human beings that makes us so unique in the eyes of God? Are we just evolutionary accidents? As men and women in Christ we meld the seen and the unseen. Our bodies are but flesh but our souls are destined for immortality.

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Life, and the faith life should not be complicated. It should be simple. Sometimes we make it more complicated than it should be.

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We support vice, indifference, and pave new paths to disorder...all in the name of love. Disordered love.

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Discussing Traditionalism, Radical Traditionalism, Modernism, reactionary tendencies and the attitude of laser-focused balance.

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We have plenty of radicalized Catholics, plenty of modernized Catholics. But where are the balanced? Where are the Catholics who know how to BE Catholic?

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The Church cannot grow stronger if Catholics do not "allow" her to grow. In order to do that, we must also grow. In this episode the Vericasters discuss some conundrums faced by the Church, and faced by Catholics in their personal lives