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“Vericast redefines Catholic podcast, and I love it.”

  • persecuting-the-truth2

    Persecuting the Truth — Ep. 121

    Tim if flying solo today, talking about Christian persecution today. Not just persecution of the faithful, but persecution of the faith—persecution of the Truth itself. Prompted by an anti-religious-freedom video posing as a “pro-freedom” argument, Tim explains the devices of the modern-day enemies of Truth.

  • god-is-reality

    God Is Reality – The Tim Haines Show Ep. 45

    God is not subject to reality. He IS reality. He’s faithful to reality. He’s faithful to the logical demands of relaity. All because He is reality itself. When people don’t recognize this, they distort God into a being that exists in the false reality of their immaginations. That’s where trouble starts!

  • sensus-fidei

    Sensus Fidei – Ep. 120

    The results are in, and the Vatican has officially discovered that most Catholics disagree with Church teaching on human sexuality, marriage, and other moral issues. So what does this mean for the upcoming Synod of Bishops, and for the Church going forward?

  • error-of-atheism-2

    Error of Atheism #2

    DESCRIPTION Discussing the errors of the atheist disposition. Today we cover Terminology, Modern Atheism vs. Classical Atheism, and Errors in Discourse    


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  • justalright

    Jesus is NOT ‘Just Alright with Me’

    By Vickie Armstrong (Jesus is Just Alright with Me is a song most notably recorded by the Doobie Brothers, 1972. It can mean that Jesus is cool or Jesus is cool with me) Wow, pretty good week of shows on Vericast. There was Sunday’s Sensus Fidei, The Tim Haines Show God is Reality and Tim […]

  • bearing-fruit

    Spiritual Rules of Engagment – Bearing Fruit

    by Vickie Armstrong …that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding to live in a manner worthy of the Lord, so as to be fully pleasing, in every good work bearing fruit and growing in the knowledge of God, strengthened with every power, in accord with […]

  • jesus-christ-superstar

    Who Is The Star Of Jesus Christ Superstar?

    One of the subjects of Sunday’s episode of Vericast, “Cosmos, Crazy” was the REC Urban Fusion Mass in Las Angeles. It was also made mention of on the Tim Haines show on Tuesday “Sin and God’s Mercy”. I watched the Urban Fusion Mass and I must say that it was quite a production….