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What is sin? It is the violent rupturing of the relationship between man and God. With the fall from grace experienced by Adam and Eve disease, unhappiness, violence and death entered the world. It is the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind...

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Are you invested in the faith experience, or are you just going through the motions? Don't take for granted that you're invested. If you know what to look for, you'll find something in yourself that may surprise you.

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The ACLU is once again working its black magic in an attempt to force the Catholic Church to provide abortions to illegal immigrants. And in the Church we respond to that by reducing the truth to a constitutional debate. That's just not good enough!

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The devil has his claws dug deep into this world; even in the Church. He has built a complex machine to undo the good, starting with Catholics. Tim talks about its function, and how the devil uses the good to advance his agenda of evil.

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Things belong where they naturally belong; we can't put them where they don't belong, and we can't pull them from where they do. We cover this from various angles in this episode. Rich so-called "prominent" Catholics are trying to ouster Archbishop Cordileone. Also...

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Talking about "Mr. Spong" and his ridiculous anti-Catholic rhetoric pertaining to the Church's stance on homosexuality. And of course, it involves the so-called "gay animals" argument!