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“Vericast redefines Catholic podcast, and I love it.”

  • hitchens-vs-logic

    Hitchens Vs. Logic: Hitchens Loses

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    Harden Not Your Hearts – The Think Tank

  • clarity

    Clarity – A Word with Tim Haines

  • hitchens-vs-logic

    Hitchens Vs. Logic: Hitchens Loses

    GOLD SUBSCRIBERS ONLY — Christopher Hitchens was either an enormous fool, or he was a false atheist, believing in God’s existence, but hating that God exists. One of these conclusions logically follows. Tim will talk about it in this special episode of The Tim Haines Show, basing his argument on a debate between Hitchens and Frank Turek

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    The Mad King – The Tim Haines Show Ep. 34

    Historically the Church only negotiated or dialogued with the Pagan and Barbarian rulers when they were receptive to The Truth. As of the 21st Century, the new Barbarian ruling body—the Secular King known as the U.N.— has completely abandoned reason and sense. So why are we dialoguing with it? Let’s look at the works of genius coming out of the U.N. and observe how the U.N. is a perfect reflection of the disabled intellect of modern secularism.

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    Faith and Fidelity

    Discussing faith in God and fidelity to Him and His Church. We get into the Saint of the Week, St. Vincent Ferrer, and show how the period of the Western Schism teaches us many lessons about the faith, the Church, and the environment in the Church today.

  • Catholic Podcast

    Crisis of Crazy – Ep. 103

    There is certainly a crisis of crazy throughout the world, but we are seeing some signs of sanity returning at least to the Church. In this epsisode Tim and Wilson talk about some news stories involving a nun at odds with some “faithful” on the issue of sexual integrity, identiy, and same-sex unions, a Bishop who ignores canon law, and one who upholds and defends it.


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    Who Is The Star Of Jesus Christ Superstar?

    One of the subjects of Sunday’s episode of Vericast, “Cosmos, Crazy” was the REC Urban Fusion Mass in Las Angeles. It was also made mention of on the Tim Haines show on Tuesday “Sin and God’s Mercy”. I watched the Urban Fusion Mass and I must say that it was quite a production….

  • Giordano Bruno

    Bruno: Hero for Freedom of Thought?

    This installment of our Battlefield Blogs comes hot off the heels of our latest episode that discussed Giordano Bruno. [Watch/Listen to the Episode] This was an exchange between me (Tim) and another commenter on a blog from Discover Magazine’s website.  What we learn from this is that anti-Catholic bloodthirstiness leads some (many!) to abandon all […]

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    The Holy Spirit Factor

    By Vickie Armstrong This is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, because he abides with you, and he will be with you.  Jnn14:17 On last Sunday’s episode of Vericast, “Waiting for the World to Change” Tim and Wilson were contrasting the […]


A Matter of Mind – The Tim Haines Show Ep. 36

Catholicism is sometimes converted into a person’s life-accessory. When that happens, Catholicism becomes whatever we craft it to be, and we fall into greater and greater error. That’s what the enemy wants. He wants to claim our minds so that he can claim our wills—because there’s something mighty powerful about the human will!

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