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Let’s Get Real! – Ep. 79


Tim and Wilson re-establish the mission of Vericast; to inform and empower the faithful, in service of the Truth.  They press the point that a diabolic mind is behind a highly complex plan we’re seeing play out all around us—a plan to undo the Truth by seducing humanity to wage war against it.  It’s what’s behind the culture wars, the degredation of society, and the disunity in the Church we see today.    Get the Video and After-Show on this page by becoming a Gold Member for just $5/month; sign-up here!

Resources Used in this Episode

Pope Calls for Fresh Approach to Children of Gay Parents

Vatican Denies Pope Pope Open to Gay Civil Unions

Rise of the Exorcists


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  • FaithfulCatholic

    Excellent show guys, what else can I say!

  • Loren

    I wholeheartedly support the idea on the men’s show. We have the “That Man is You (TMIY)” here at parish level and it’s transforming lives. I will somehow mention Vericast to them at the Holy Spirit’s time and way. God bless V family always.